Who Are We?

As the current leading fashion label of Wales SIDDRA SYED prides itself on a philosophy of modest clothing, at modest prices – enabling us to produce exquisite contemporary lines, accessible to all and available as part of our high street collections.

Highly contemporary and inspired by seasonal innovations, all of our garments are finished to a supremely high standard, using fine quality fabrics and complimented by exquisite stitching.

Fair Trade

Founded in 2014 for custom made clothing and now expanding onto the high street SIDDRA SYED is one of just a handful of fashion houses looking to call to question the current conventions of the industry. We offer ethically produced clothing, manufactured to the very highest of standards, without any compromise on quality or style.

We are extremely proud of the working environments our manufacturing houses in Pakistan, Bangladesh and China offer. With consideration for our workers paramount, we guarantee to always ensure a living wage, safe working conditions within an environment focused on welfare and prosperity.

Dedicated to empowering minorities, we are against child working and slavery, yet devoted to environmental conservation and our planets future. Through our beautiful pieces and trend setting styles, we want to make a statement that transcends fashion; we want our voice heard as a demand for equal rights worldwide.

Our Commitments

At the core of everything we do is respect; respect for our customers and for our staff equally.

  • We are committed to creating opportunities for those economically and often socially underprivileged.
  • We are committed to our customers and to offering them the latest designs, whilst never compromising on our ethics.
  • We are committed to the welfare of our employees and the factories in which they work.
  • We are committed to the environment and take seriously our responsibilities towards a sustainable future.
  • We are committed to guarantee customer satisfaction at every level, whilst always maintaining a clear focus on the environment.